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About Steve

Steve began his self-taught music career at age 12 when he bought his first guitar with money he earned doing a bit part in a movie. 

He always had the intention of being an original artist even at that age. Resisting the pressure to learn to play other peoples music, Steve began crafting his own songs around that age.

By the age of 14 Steve was playing 4 different instruments in 4 seperate bands with his school friends.

There's a big gap from his teen years to mid twenties where Steve continued to write and rehearse his own material but opted for the family life of raising his four kids

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Sovereign was formed

Living a rural life tends to bring out similar themes in songwriting so it wasn't long until Steve was writing about riding on his horses and other country themes.

Steve's friends of the time were brothers Andy and Steve Hartley who were also musicians and interested in songwriting.

The first album was written and the name Sovereign was decided upon.

Most of the album was recorded in Steve Eales little home studio but completed in a studio across the border in South Australia.

Awards And Such

Sovereign was signed to a record label in the first year and their debut album Too Hot To Handle was expanded to include 2 more Steve Eales tracks which were recorded at Reggie Bowman's studio in Melbourne. 

The band went on to record a second album with producer Garth Porter in his Sydney studio. Garth co-wrote quite a few of the songs on the Wild One album.

Steve's biggest ambition at the time was to make Sovereign a household name in the homes of country music listeners across Australia. With all the awards the band had earned and all the top ten radio hits and tv success they were well on the way to achieving that when the band split in 2007

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Going Solo

2007 saw the Launch of Steve's first debut single Girls On Horses which was produced by the legendary Ross Wilson (Daddy Cool, Mondo Rock). The Battler album followed, produced by Reggie Bowman and Steve Eales. It went on to produce many top ten radio hits and garnered itself a host of awards for Best Album of the Year, Song of the Year and many more across the country.

Steve and Reggie continued to produce album after album, touring them around the country but in 2010 Steve took his music to USA for his first bunch of overseas performances. He also won more awards for songwriting, male vocalist, and overall performer at The World Championship Of Performing Arts in Los Angeles in 2010.

On his return to Australia he formed a band with his touring musicians Reggie Bowman and Robi Parolin, calling themselves The Open Road...Later changed to Steve Eales and The Open Road after discovering several other overseas bands of the same name.

Steve plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, some bass tracks, mandolin, banjo, keyboard, piano, ukelele, blues harp, percussion and backing vocals on the albums

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