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Steve considers himself fortunate to be surround by an extraordinary team of talented friends, they call themselves a band but it goes beyond that. After years of touring together, writing and recording together, these guys are a tight knit group of professional musicians. Each of them artists in their own right.


Reggie Bowman

Reggie plays bass and sings in the band. If that was all he did it would be plenty, but his talent goes way beyond that.

Reggie co-writes the songs, records vocals and an unlisted amount of the instruments on the tracks.

He also produces, mixes and masters the albums in his own studio....

Reggie has his own solo career too, discover his music on all the main outlets

Rock on Reggie!!

Robbi Parolin

Robbi is a drummer and vocalist in the band. It doesn't end there though. He is a co-writer and recording artist also.

Robbie has a long list of past and present artists that he performs with, touring around the world.

A favourite at festivals and stadiums, love your work Robbi.

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